Calling admin - Urgent issue


I know how. Why is the more salient question.


Eastern European Match Fixers


there’s only about 30 lads regularly contributing here, 4 of them are the same person


maybe the pharma’s could buy advertising space for mental health tablets or anti-schitzo meds




George Soros might like to contribute. Paddy Power has done very well out it also I’d say.


Viz magazine


It depends on usage, primarily of emails. I’d say €30-€35. Which is a good price now. It used to cost a lot more than that to run. We do need to do some pruning of old stuff though as we’re near capacity again.


Do you want to open up to donations again Rocko? If we can raise a few grand to teach a few lads in Cambodia to sing then I doubt anyone will mind throwing a few quid into the pot so we can vent away the January blues.




No one would miss any of MBBs 100k or so posts, that might help?


Baby nappy manufacturers.

Adult nappy manufacturers.


Rocko dont you dare touch a single post of mine.


Shrinks could make a fucking fortune here

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I’d like to meet up for a meeting to discuss some new ideas too @Rocko


S&C guys.