Calling admin - Urgent issue


We the Oirish. You’re a brave man behind a keyboard.


You’re speaking for all the Oirish on the board are you?
Keyboard :expressionless: Christ go back to boards, mate. If you’re an alias, it’s one of the lamest yet.


You’re toxic pal. Go and get help before you destroy those around you.


Well said. I agree 100%.
I have a proposition to help with fees which I’ll pm you and Rocko about in due course.
When there was a request before, I honestly thought it was a ball hop, and, delicate flower that I am, I didn’t want to open myself up to general ridicule.
Fao of noone in particular, its Rocko and the mods get all the hassle so wind your necks in. You’re all big enough boys and girls to know that even here there’s a line that it is basic good manners not to cross, if only out of consideration for the host.


The world needs more flattys. Well done sir :clap:


the gga is still fair game mate?


Oh yes.


Thank you for your understanding and support, mate.


£100 one off membership fee then 20 pound a year membership, that would fuck a lot of the gimps with 4 or 5 logins


We’d have to do a whip around for the yearly subs for a few of the boyos here, let alone the once off payment. You’d be ending the social lives of half the board.


The gratitude due here is due to Rocko and yourself and no-one else.


how much does it cost monthly?

open the place up to advertising.



Who the fuck do you think would advertise here?


In fairness I don’t know how they do it.


well Jameson were getting free advertising. Huel.

Basically all the companies that the made up lads promote. I didn’t know what a Nutri Bullet was until I started on this place.


The Human Dignity Alliance?


Christ I just googled this.



Niche whisk(e)y brands.


yellow/green/blue spot whiskies


Nutri Bullet
Whiskey makers
the KKK - far right groups -