Calling all experienced Word Document users

I am in the middle of creating a document. I have added a few hyperlinks on it to other related documents. Can anyone tell me the easiest way to create one of these to a specific part of the related document and not just page one of it

Thanks in advance
Chewy Louie

Insert an anchor on the destination document. Or use the sections and index tools.

How would I insert an anchor?

There are already rows and indexes in the destination document. How do i link to a specific piece

Insert… Bookmark.

what version of word are you using?

If i had to hazard a guess I would say Word 2003


I don’t have a version of that to hand, but as Rocko said above what you are looking to do is highlight a piece of text and insert a bookmark. This might help:

Word 2000.

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FFS. Where do you work? Somalia?[/quote]

No, Bournemouth.

Word 2000

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Another question for ye folks

Does anyone know how I could set the following up on a word document. Lets just say I have 10 different headings that I am writing about.

I want to have an initial question/heading in relation to each and the the information hidden underneat in a dialogue box of sorts (similar to the spoilers on here)

So all that would appear when the docuement is initially opened is the 10 headings/questions with the option to expand/collapse each one as the reader wishes

You would need to give us the ten headings first

Created a macro and a bit of coding and got it to work for the first one but can’t get multiples to function