Calling Bandage

how was the protest today mate?


Cat got your tongue, pal


@Fagan ODowd[/USER] - it emphasises to me how stupid people are. As my good pal [USER=6]@briantinnion[/USER] says, he suspected many people were really thick but social media has confirmed it in spades. There’s people I would have considered to be relatively intelligent liking and sharing this guy’s really shit attempts at satire all over Facebook. Good luck to him anyway. [USER=1]@Rocko 's defunct satireland site was doing a much better job at this kind of stuff 10-15 years ago.


I thought this one was amusing.

You are such a jealous man … :smiley:

Agreed. Similar to his “feud” with Richard Sadlier.

Lay off, guys.

Can you check into why my account has still not been verified on The Huddleboard, pal?

#becauseyouareablister ?

Absolutely diabolical Waterford Whispers article about Kim and Kanye. Truly dire and absolutely cringeworthy attempt at humour. Yet it has thousands of Facebook likes and, even more disturbingly, hundreds of people commenting on it appear to think it’s a genuine article and are laying into Kim for the derogatory quotes about Ireland. Fucking tards all round.

Money can’t buy class. Take yourself and your chav husband back to The US of A. No doubt we will be reading about your divorce in the near future, so your whole wedding extravaganza will be shown up for the farce it really was. Book yourself in for some liposuction love because you have a rear end like the back of a bus and it won’t be long before Kanye finds another airhead. Rant over. #⃣don’t insult my country!!

Says your one whose from a country full of psychotic murderers, go way with your fake marriages. No respect for her anymore, I used to like her but anyway, hopefully her marriage last at least 6 months this time you sex tape bitch. I’m sure your daddy is so proud. Fake cunt.

What an absolute cunt just cause we don’t make a huge fuss over her here she wouldn’t know a hard days work if it hit her in her fat head!!!

kim no where in this world is perfect not even Ireland this place is a shit hole cause of our government. if we had the money to do up are country then u could complain so just go back where u came from and comment on that… AND IRELAND PEOPLE BUILD AMERICA SO SHUT THE FUCK UP…


:smiley: Fucking hell #don’t insult my country!



Was it you changed my banner thingy to ‘soon to be banned’ ?
Makes no odds to me either way. I’m just wondering.

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Bandage wouldn’t change his own socks brimmer. Look deeper…

I can only assume it’s related to your behaviour on the celeb spotting thread, mate.

Yeah I’m assuming the same. Thanks for the prompt reply buddy.
Tell me. Is there an appeals committee for banned members?
If there’s not id be wiling to put my name forward to form one and also chair and adjudicate in it.
I know I’m busy at the moment adjudicating my celeb spotting thread but id make time for it.
Let me know what you think buddy.

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A tremendous occasion for your life partner there today as Carrick Emmets achieve their 1st ever victory in Championship football over Castleblaney Faughs.

Emmet’s last Monaghan title was garnered in 1919 and 'Blaney lead the roll of honour with something like 37 titles so it’s fair to assume there won’t be a goat milked in CMX for the week.

'Blaney are 0 from 2, the powerhouse Scotstown up next for them.


Good to see the minnows shine wherever, too much of the same old same old throughout the GAA world, Sligo years back surprised us all for a while

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