Calling Carryharry

My car wouldn’t start this morning pal, any ideas why?

cat got your tongue mac?

I’ve to let harry field this one Ned. It would be rude to interrupt

It could be an electrical issue, it could be a mechanical issue, or it could be fucked.

Did you use the keys?

Are you sure you were trying to start the right car?

@Raymond Crotty failed his driving test when he spent 10 minutes trying to access and then start the car, ignoring persistent questions from the tester, only to finally listen to him and then realize that he was indeed at the wrong car.

Did the car start this morning? Did you hear any coughs?

@carryharry , the car failed to start this morning. Getting a very slight chug (not sure if this is the correct word) when I turn the key. The clock has reset itself so I’m assuming its battery related.

Yes, you need more juice in your battery.

Would you have any concerns about a car that was used for a year as a replacement car by a garage Harry? This explains the low mileage as it is an 07 car with 45k miles on it

Sounds like a flux-capacitor issue to me.
Give your local quickfit a shout. They’ll sort you out in no time.

The clutch is probably worn to shit on it

Replacement car, like a Transformer or something. That post makes zero sense.

I assume he means the car that garages give out on loan while they are fixing your own.

No such thing as keeping loaner cars for 7 years though, they are usually sold when a punter comes along. He is being spun a Charlotte’s web there.

No he had it for a year. He’s giving a 6 mth warranty too. It’s a couple of hundred more than the usual price for same age car but with the warranty and the v low miles I’m tempted

07 Car with 45k is highly unlikely.

What type of car is the front half?

Are you alright, mate?? :eek:

[QUOTE=“Mark Renton, post: 989009, member: 1796”]Are you alright, mate?? :eek:[/QUOTE]
Those fuckers will have no staying power Mark, I will.