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Bracket ready for it, plug reaching it?

No idea was just going to swap straight out. Did think itll be an issue based on the videos on YouTube

Well, if the unit isn’t symmetrical, and it doesn’t look like it is, then it’s not going to fit, is it?

Sorry for being a bit abrupt.

Yeah i dunno tbh hence why i asked

You might be able to pop the motor out of he casing and mount it in the old casing.

Most motors are symmetrical.

@carryharry have you come across any mitsubishi outlander Plug in Hybrids? Any opinions?

I have one. Grand yoke if majority of your trips are local as get about 20km off the battery- lot less if a/C on. So if you’re only going shops, training, schools runs, shot into town and back you can go ages without having to fill a tank.

Travel a bit further afield and she’s heavy on the juice.

I didn’t bother with the fast charger either. Just got an external plug put in and charges away grand, charged in few hours.

That sounds like it’ll cover my needs. Charge in work is the plan.

Any major issues looking at a 2019 up?

I’m 2018 and have given an ounce of trouble as yet

Mileage done?

Ideal, trawling through the Internet researching and they are something that caught my eye. Test drove a Rav 4 today didnt like it at all. Might go look at them

Why are you going for a SUV chief?

Need a bigger boot for herself, beauty equipment etc. She has a small car for years and its not ideal at all

I’d be steering clear of anything PHEV in a bigger SUV personally.

A Saloon Estate car boot is as big anyway.

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70k miles. Due a service actually. Let’s see what wonderful surprises await

@carryharry after boasting about my car sailing through the NCT, it has given a few issues lately, and I’m starting to look into changing it later in the year. It’s 11 years old, has 260k+ on it, so I’d say a few more problems will emerge.

Anything you’d recommend based on budget of around 20k (give or take a few extra k). Looking at maybe something in the 2020/21 age bracket (but prefer lower mileage to lower years!). I’m not at all fussy about what the car is (bar the fact there are certain brands I will not touch - Dacia, Fiat, Citroen, Opel, Renault, etc.). There’s just three of us in the family so we don’t need anything big either. A few things I was looking at included the Golf, Seat Leon, Audi A3 (perhaps outside my range), or even slightly bigger cars like a Corrola or Octavia (despite the previous Octavia I had breaking my heart). Looking at petrols this time as I don’t need diesel anymore, and don’t think it’s the best from an environmental impact. Am open to hybrid also.

Any recommendations outside of the cars I mentioned above?

Few of interest possibly….


Good man. I’ll check them out.

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Forever a gent

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Nissan e power hybrid?