Calling Carryharry

Get onto your mate Jim who’ll probably know a breaker in the locality ( unlikely to be one in leafy Didsbury) who’ll source you a battery that will fit your motor. A battery for your hape could cost £3/400.
For the use you get from it it’s a waste of money but then when moneys no object…….

Sorry again, but at the risk of repeating myself, no charging takes place, you’re just swapping in a replacement battery temporarily.

@flattythehurdler if you haven’t already bought a battery, seek out a varta brand one. Excellent quality and hold their charge better over time.

There is most likely a small draw on the battery with the key off which only becomes apparent after a few months sitting. Fitting an isolator switch/deadman would sort this out, I’d happily do it for you (I’m a bit far away) but any auto electrician would fit one in minutes. Doing it tastefully and not interfering with the interior might be a different story.


Thanks, I appreciate it. I’ll put a varta in.
It’s easy enough disconnect it in any case tbh.

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Recharge didn’t help?

Took the battery out but it won’t take a trickle charge (well it’s been on trickle for 24 hours and still shows its charging. Its defo the battery I reckon. I’ll stick a new one in. Only 70 notes.

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No charging takes place using the jump leads. Surprisingly enough the only function of a car battery is to start the car, it doesn’t exist for any other reason. Once the car is started the alternator takes over the job of providing the electricity required for all of the cars systems. A lot of damage is done by jump starting cars/trucks etc apparently. Connecting jump leads to a flat battery gives the bad battery a temporary supply voltage and when the dead car starts lads usually just disconnect the jump leads causing the alternator to immediately output maximum voltage resulting in voltage spikes and damage to those semi conductors that are as scarce as hens teeth at the moment

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Spectacular fall from grace for @Boxtyeater here. I be seeking my briar cutting advice elsewhere in future


Informative rating, and goes along with my line of thinking.

A quick google gave me this. A slave receptacle on army vehicles for easy jump starting.

That’s a machine gun mate.

Not sure if you’re serious.
Military Vehicles, near the end of the page.

If you’re heading to lakeland you might as well look into home bargains…their off licences stock a rake of excellent ales at give away prices. Not sure of the boucher road store has an off licence though

These Go petrol stations. About 20c a liter cheaper. Is the fuel watered down or something?