Calling Dublin based forumites

I’m looking for a hotel in Dublin in an area not too far from Shelbourne Park, say within a few miles.

Also, looking for activities to do in Dublin during the day such as the brewery, the zoo etc.

All reasonable suggestions welcome…

You’re a gas man.
Stay where ever is giving you the best rate around the south side of the city center and get a taxi/walk out to Shelbourne Park. It would only be 5 mins in a cab or a 20/25 minute walk from the Trinity college area.

Within a few miles? :smiley:

i work close enough to shelbourne park mate- the maldron on the keys would be very close-
there is a holiday inn on pearse street very close too
when are you up- if you like me & the family could ship down to my parents & you could use my house for the weekend?
the clarion hotel on the keys is another option- close enough to shelbourne park if you cross the new bridge & you could trot along to the dublin eye or whatever its called
i have a family pass for the zoo so am quite the regular & its worth seeing but the brewery would be better craic for you I assume.
There is a number of walkign tours of dublin(eg rebelion,literary) that may be more cerebral & suited to a man of your aclaim

This is exactly what i was looking for, very consice and to the point. Thanks for that mate. :clap:

If we can’t find a hotel then we may take up your offer. I couldn’t ask you to move down to your parents though, you could just move into the spare room…

Brian McEniff’s Hotel on the Grand Canal would probably be the closest to Shelbourne Park, should you wish to minimise the walking distance

will do mate- give me a few weeks warning though as there is a water feature i have been meaning to put into the east garden for a while but have been putting off. this could be the impetus i need to install it

the gasworks is another option mate- close to the track & to the station if you wanted to head down town

Those D4 hotels would be quite near too Dunph but Grand Canal Hotel is your nearest option. Kilmainham Jail is a decent tour. The Dart goes out to Malahide if you want to sample the atmosphere of a village steeped in aviation history.

NCC, I think The Gasworks is the pub adjoined to The Grand Canal Hotel, which treaty exile mentioned. Dunph, the lads have identified a lot of good options. You also wouldn’t be far from Ballsbridge and Sean Dunne’s D4 Hotels are meant to be cheap online. Grand Canal Hotel is close enough to the park. The others mentioned are more of a stroll away but still not far. I know The Maldron used to be quality but I’m not sure of its standard recently. You could also look at hotels around Baggot Street - the Mespill Hotel will provide easy access to the disease ridden hookers around the canal area.

You should be able to get a decent room for less than fifty nicker, Dunph lad.

This place has good reviews and is cheap as chips at €49 for the single room.

I stayed in that Grand Canal Hotel last year, a grand spot. I assume you’ll probably be taxi-ing it everywhere anyways so the location shouldn’t be a huge deal.

How much will hookers cost here? Dunph is used to fairly cheap rates in the Railway…

The Grand Canal is a fine joint and the official hotel for the Ladbrokes Irish Derby, however it is €150 a night on that night for some reason.

as far as i know ure better off making these arrangements online beforehand, the going rate should be a about 120 euro for 30 minutes which should be no problem given the profits we have all made here from Dunph’s tipping column.
ive heard the eastern europeans are clockwatchers and the Asian ones give a lot better service all round.

Thanks for all the help. I have a place booked now for Friday and Saturday night. I have Saturdays entairnment sorted obviously enough but Friday night is still open to debate. I have it narrowed down to the Shamrock Rovers v Bray match or the “Fr. Ted special with Joe Rooney and guests” from the laughter lounge. Both nights will likely end in Coppers.

It’s a pity there is no racing from the X Friday night…

Fame the Musical is on in Grand Canal Theatre at the minute im sure that would be up ur alley for entertainment

You know i’m not in Dublin every weekend, now is your chance…

I’m surprised CLG won’t put you up Dunph, she’d want to learn some manners.

next time your in dublin dunph make it an official TFK meet up

I propose all dublin based forumites throw in a score so Dunph can go to shanahans on the green as a way fo thanking him for his tips