Calling experienced excel users

2 columns of email addresses. One us a full list (A) and the other is a list of people that have been contacted already (B). I want to find who hasn’t been contacted. Is it a Via Look up thingy?

=IF(COUNTIF($B:$B, $A2)=0, “No match in B”, “Match in B”)

this will go through the A column and then tell you if it’s in the B column.

Thanks, but that’s just giving me the #NAME? error.

Column A has 1900 emails
Column has 1200 emails
I want to find the 700 emails that are not in B

Simplest version I can think of is


Where A2 is one of the 1200 the email addresses, and B:B is the entire column of 1900

If it has a matcher you will get a 1.

Then filter by that column to remove all 1’s

that’s just a typo

try conditional formatting

=COUNTIF($B$1:$B$1201, $A2)=0

this will highlight all unique values in A

Substitute your rows and values etc

Appreciate that chief. Got that one working. Learned all this stuff years ago but it’s gone. Thanks

GRMA! :facepunch:

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