Calling Fagan O'Dowd


Fancy a round of golf tomorrow @Fagan_ODowd?




Seafield too far for you?


A . Yes
B . You may not have followed this story but I have severe joint pain and am in the middle of a series of joint replacement operations. A round of golf would be out of the question.

But thanks for the offer pal.


Anyone else fancy joining Harold?


I’d love to except I don’t play golf and I’ve to work.

There’ll be a few Seniors going out tomorrow I’d say so tag along with one of them if you’re stuck. Tell the clubhouse and they might find you someone either.


You’d miss the oul divil, hopefully he’s keeping well.


He was seen 46mins ago so good to know that haemochromotosis hasn’t claimed him yet anyway. No post since July 3rd though the same day @Tassotti last posted. What short sightedness that on one very sorry day due a grave error of misjudgement we have lost our two best posters because of it.


As every day passes, I’m becoming more convinced that Fagan was Tassotti


I think we’d all love if that was true. The plate was of @Fagan_ODowd’s vintage anyway.


Hi @Fagan_ODowd what’s your view on the Waterford greenway?

Iv been speaking to 6 different people who have been down there since it opened, none of whom would have gone to Waterford otherwise, all gave it the resounding thumbs up. Will it be a good boost for many smaller towns along the route?


@Fagan_ODowd dont cycle


I’ve cycled two stretches of it and would have done a third but for the weather on Saturday morning. It’s a gamechanger.


I cycle.


Is it all completely off road? Iv done the Westport one and it is very good. Who paid for this? Did it follow an old train line?

They have been so successful everywhere they should just fire a load of fucking cash at building them everywhere


And maybe link them up to have proper fucking cycling routes the whole way around the country


Does this mean we might never have to see a tourist cyclist cunt again on a country road?!


Its unlikely to ever happen mate, soz


It’s completely off road. It crosses regional roads a couple of times but these parts are very well signposted. It’s along the line of the old Waterford Dungarvan railway line. I think the council paid for it. It’s quite spectacular i parts.


The vast majority of that route is pretty scenic so makes the idea work.

These cycle routes popping up all over the Country won’t attract the tourist if they are not running along or through really scenic spots.