Calling Fagan O'Dowd


I’m definitely giving it a go soon. It’s also quite possible for a stag do we’ll be organising at some point.


Give Donal Jacob in Greenway Tours a bell. He’s a good guy and he’ll sort you.


Howya @Fagan_ODowd. Looks like I’ll be hitting Dunmore east for a wedding. Can you give me a dos and don’ts of the place please? Might stay 3 nights and would look for somewhere to stay/eat/drink/swim etc…


No problem, pal. The wedding is in the Haven?


I had one of the worst meals I’ve ever had in a pub there called the Spinnaker (I think).


Is that the hotel overlooking the sea that was in circle of friends? If so then yes.


Very much looking forward to it. I’ve heard a lot of good things and obviously would be looking to try out that rock jump you’ve posted photos of.


That’s the Strand Inn Juhniallo. The rooms are over a lively bar and a good restaurant. It’s on the beach and about 20 yards from Pegs Rock which I swim off at high tide. Beach is clean, blue flag etc.

Best swimming in the locality is about 10 miles away at the Guillomene cove on the other side of Tramore. A proper sea swimmer like yourself would love it. Follow the signs for Newtown Cove

The best eating in Dunmore is in the Strand. Azzurri is the next best. @TreatyStones had a bad meal in the Spinnaker once so that might put you off. I haven’t had to complain about a meal there yet. The Bay cafe is grand for a cheap lunch or a sandwich.

The Butcher Powers in the Upper Village is the best pub. The Strand, the Spinnaker and Azzurri are fine as well. If you are fit Aggie Hayes’s up the top of the hill behind the Catholic Church is a proper old school pub experience. If the Haven is open (it’s often closed for weddings) the bar there is grand.


For places to stay, the Avon Lodge B&B is grand, but I’m told the beds are on the tight side. You could also rent a house. Depending on the time of year there should be plenty of availability.


They have two tennis courts as well. Upper and lower.


IS the Strand the big place right on the beach? I had a very disappointing meal there last summer,
There’s a lovely place up by the Protestant church


A beautiful spot.




And an electric car charger


So it turns out the wedding is in the haven. Please let me know the pros and cons of said venue. Tà


Old school family run hotel specialising in weddings. Rooms of mixed quality. Unless you are family you are unlikely to be staying there as room numbers are limited.


I stayed in that B&B very near the beach and across from the pubs, the road kinda wraps around it. A grand spot.


I’ll probably be staying there I’d reckon. Unless Mrs J decides we’re taking the kids and we’ll take a house for a few days.


Think my folks got married in the haven cc @Fagan_ODowd


The Haven is a mad looking place, last time we were in DE the missus wanted to go in there for grub but it was completely taken over by a very swanky looking wedding from the COI church next door, the place that has been verified as Azurri was lovely.
@Juhniallio I’d say there’s fuck all for kids there outside of the summer months, nice playground across from the Haven but it’s a little dated now