Calling Fagan O'Dowd


@Fagan_ODowd I’m booking a couple of holiday homes tomorrow. How far is the walk from the Haven to either end of town? Don’t want to get shafted with a long walk home but a fresh night breeze and a dip on the way home is always welcomed. Thanks


What holiday homes are you booking?


Trident I think? She was telling me where they were but I’ve no idea where they are in relation to the town and don’t want to be shafted. Looking for a couple of decent 3 beds beside each other for about 4 nights.


Grand spot. 5 minutes walk to the Haven. 5 minutes to the beach. 2 minutes to Chateau ODowd.


Are they decent quality? I’ll keep an eye out for an electric car.


I believe so. Recent enough build <15 years.


Great. Which road are they on. She said they’ve a few in different areas so I’ll try and grab those ones.


Main road in. You should try to get the the ones in Fishermans Grove or Pine Cove.


@Fagan_ODowd, what would your view of Dungarvan be as a place to head for a few days with family. Always had the perception of being a bit of a shitehole of a town from my experience but the Greenway seems to be changing that. The views heading into and out of it from both directions always look savage. Would there be much to do around the place?


Will you be bringing a car?


I will


Hi @Mac. I had a lovely day on the Greenway (Dungarvan to Kilmacthomas return, c.44km) and night in Dungarvan as recently as 3 weeks ago. Ate in The Tannery and enjoyed it immensely. Had a few drinks in 2 or 3 pubs afterwards - nice, compact town. Greenway has given the place a right boon according to locals.


Thanks mate. Where did you stay?


Dungarvan is a grand town and environs are great . Fully recommend .


Youre more than welcome you ungrateful prick


Agreed. A very good spot for a night or two


Always found Dungarvan to be a bit of a clannish shithole but there is a few decent drinking pubs there, the tannery and Clonea, and now the greenway, fuck all else to the place though. Out around Ardmore and Helvick is nice on a nice day too. I’d find it hard to pull a few days holiday out of the place though.


@Fagan_ODowd what’s the story with Forest Haven? How far is it from the haven?


It’s 5 minutes walk from the Haven. Not an Irish 5 minutes. An actual 5 minutes.


Sweet. Booked in there today apparently.