Calling Fagan O'Dowd


When are you heading down.




Ah jaysus it’ll be lovely at that time of the year.


I’m really looking forward to it. Ive heard off a few people it’s a great place but have never been. It’s my youngest brother and I’ll be working like a dog until the end of March so will be gagging for a break by then.


Oh excellent. My favourite of all your brothers. I’ll keep the date free.


This thread is fucking great. Top man @Fagan_ODowd :clap:


He has the patience of a saint.


Best poster on TFK by a mile.


He’s a gent. I look forward to staking out the electric charger point in Dunmore East to get a view of the great man.


He’ll see you long before you see him…


He’s looking at him right now.


I’m waiting 2 days for a follow up from him



“Taa daah” lafil.


Sneaky @Fagan_ODowd