Calling Fran and NFL experts

Any of you guys ever gone to London for a NFL game?

Is it worth doing?

Powder & lots of G&T needed.

That never happened anyway.


You in?

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Will I look into accomadation?


Cat got your tongue?

Think we have that sorted bro

God bless @Tassotti.

I’ve threatened to but haven’t managed to swing it just yet.

@Gman would be the man to talk to here

the games this year are a pile of shit. No decent teams over at all. Saints v Dolphins is about the only one that has any sign of being somewhat competitive and of a decent standard. 2 of them are in Twickenham this year too. Havent been there, but been to Wembley a couple of times. Its a decent event, but very sanitised. No real atmosphere at it as you just have fans from a heap of teams going and cheering on one of the teams for the sake of it. Tickets can be expensive too.

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yes and yes.

Was at the Dolphins/Raiders game in 2014. Game was over as a contest after Q1, we left after Ht and watched Redzone in a super pub in Wembley village, it was massive and good auld craic.
Event itself is very well done. Great to walk up Wembley way packed with fans. Saw a few famous faces on way in from the world of NFL. They do be putting on clinics at kiosks outside the ground etc. There was no tail gate party though which was disappointing.
We hit Leicester Square the day before for the fans thing but I was after visiting a headshop on Holloway Road an hour before so I was in no state to be surrounded by 30,000 people.
If you get cheap flights go for it I say.

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my beloved Ravens are playing mate

ah yes, of course. Playing the Jags so should have a good win. Although the Jags have a whole new set up, so it could be one of this sides who improves a lot on this year. As with anything, it is what you make of it and the company you go with.

@thedancingbaby is going mate so it will be off the charts

sure why are you even asking questions! you should have lead with that!

apologies to the forum

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Could all interested parties give no more than 3 reasons why they should be invited on this trip of a lifetime with my good self and @Little_Lord_Fauntleroy.

Winners to be announced in due course.

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Have you told him its gridiron NFL and not Leitrim vs London?

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savage stuff


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