Calling Mac (for the first time)

@Mac It seems like you’re a fella to be called on in a crisis. I’m awayon holiday in Croatia. I wasn’t expecting the dubs to take 2 games to put away Mayo but it’s the way it is and I need a decent stream for it. I know lots of fellas particularly @RaymondCrotty @maroonandwhite @turenne @Chucks_Nwoko @Fitzy @rocko @caoimhaoin etc all have the know how but you’re the go to guy. Not a subscription or anything just a once off decent stream for the game thanks.

Obviously all you other guys are welcome to throw all the advice you have here. I know you’ve gone through this before but I never read it cos it didn’t concern me. And Rocko made a balls of the search function so I obviously cant find it.
Thanks in advance.

Is there no boozer nearby that will show it mate ?

Fork out the 14 euro for gaago or mug yourself off messsing around with hola or whatever.

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Not a hope db. It’ll be pot luck on cricket at the moment.

Please explain further. The gaa charge 14 per match? Is the stream quality guarantee d? What the fuck is hola?

Do you have an Android device Juhy?

Should be a perfect stream of the match plus full build up. Wi fi dependent though. Alternatively pay 14 euro for two craft beers.

I do.

Mac don’t even respond to this idiot.

Yes mac. A phone

Download the Mobdro app and see if the RTE channels work on it. Failing that try Sky Sports.

I’m extremely disappointed by this mac. Motorola has been shit for me and even though I actually pay for sky on my phone I don’t get it. Cunts

Try the Sky Sports stream on Mobdro you imbecile



Apologies mac mobdro came out as Motorola somehow. Just checked now and it’s not in my predictive.

Mobdro has been working fine for me recently. They’ve released a shedload of updates recently which have stabalised it.

If you have a non-mobile device with a Chrome browser on it download the Hola extension from the Chrome store and choose Ireland as your country. The RTE Player is shite though and will probably crash.

That’s the mac quality advice I was looking for. Gentleman

So is gaago my best bet for guaranteed quality as long as I pays my moneys?

Never tried it so havent a notion. @balbec or @Turenne would know better

If you want to watch the match and don’t want to miss any action then gaago is the way to go. Just make sure you have access to broadband. You should register well in advance.
Modbro is fine for sports like soccer, cricket and shite like that. It can skip and crash.

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