Calling mac-Mildly important


Where near Baggot st, Holles st, Merrion Square is good for lunch on a Friday?

If @Mac lets you down again let me know mate, that’s my old stomping ground. What kind of food do you fancy?

its me croppy and EG
Me- something Italian not to cheap
Croppy, Something from east of the urals
EG- Something bland

Foleys opposite that hellhole O’Donoghues is always good mate

I thought @Funtime was joining us too?


EG is barred from Foleys mate, he started a fight with the singer in there one Friday as the singer wouldn’t play “go on home british soldiers”


The market will be up on the canal which would cater for all tastes but isn’t very upper class.

Italian wise this place is nice looks a bit basic on the outside but grub is good.

East of the Urals is scant enough in that area, there’s an Indian & Chinese on Baggot street but neither are up to much.
There’s a new Sushi place as well but doesn’t sound like EG would be a Sushi man.
Keshk is Lebanese on mespil road. Tasty stuff and reasonable. Plenty meat based stuff so EG would be safe enough.

You’d be close to Dobbins there which would be a bit more upmarket. I’ve never been blown away by it though it’s good fare.

This is the place I’d recommend though.


What was the Italian beside Keshk? That was decent?

Al Vesuvio ya very tasty.

That Asador website is top notch, I’m starving after looking at it.

New management mate, you wouldn’t recognise the place now. I’m good there but had a fairly bland lunch there a few weeks ago.

Doheny and Nesbitts were doing a Christmas dinner special there last week for a €10, they were also showing a repeat of the rugger all day Monday…eh lad in the office goes in there sometimes.

Fx Buckleys on Pembroke St is good. Bottle of beer and a steak is a grand Friday lunch.

Disappointing not to get the invite

They are jealous of your success in the equine industry

don’t you work in Sandyford?

I’m 22 mins away from Baggott Street “mate”


EG - include DB in all future lunch emails

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Future emails only mate. Means you are out of the running for today.

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Must the be first time Mac has been called “mildly important”.
Well done on the promotion Mac.