Calling The Dunph

What is the sauce they put on the bacon burger and do you happen to know is there anywhere it can be purchased…

It is the shizzle :wub:

I don’t know is the honest answer, mate. If you find out yourself please fill me in. It is a great, great sauce, whatever it is.

Great thread btw…

I would go as far as to say it is a noble sauce…My companion last night maintained it was mustard and mayonaisse mixed together but that would make a light yellow coloured sauce while Eddie’s sauce is a green colour

Do you mind me asking, which Eddie Rockets did you go to? Personally i don’t think there is anything between any of them - O’Connell St., the Crescent or the one beside the Travel lodge.

To think, it’s Tuesday since i was in an Eddie Rockets last…

The O’Connell’s street one about 2.30 am this morning…I actually bought a burger off the vendor on Cruises street last night on my way to eddie’s as an appetizer before eating one and a half Bacon Burgers and a strawberry shake…woke up this morning fresh as a daisy thanks to Eddie Rockets and their wonderful food

I wouldn’t be as familar with the O’Connell St. branch as i would the Travel lodge branch. 2RE and myself know every corner of that place. Eddie Rockets food is hard bet.

Don’t think this is available in shops, have tried finding out what it is in the past to no avail. I’ve heard it’s mayonnaise and mustard. Whatever it is it’s simply marvellous.

Would love:

  • a cheeze please with cheddar;
  • bacon and cheese fries; and
  • a chocolate malt right now

Would yourself 2RE frequently go back to the travel lodge together after a night out?

In approximately 6 hours time I plan on paying another trip to the noble Eddie Rockets and I plan on challenging the waiting staff in as to what is in the secret sauce


Question for Brian Tinnion: Are there Eddie Rockets in the states and if so how would you rate them in comparison to the fine establishments they have here?

eddie rockett type joints are a dime a dozen over in the states dunph

But the food, taste or portions wouldn’t be a patch on the American types. Rocketts is a poor take off of an American diner.

The Chicken wings would always be my weakness in these places and how i judge a place, and Rocketts are truly awful compared to somewhere like Hooters. And they don’t have hot birds in tight tops coming around to you either.

Was seriously disappointed with Hooters when I was there. The birds were rotten looking.

Can’t recall anything great about the food either - bod standard American diner shite with butter on everything.

no way would the great Brian O’Driscoll eat American diner shite with butter on everything

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

It probably varied from place to place, but the one i went to most would have been Mashpee, Mass. The others in NY & Boston, any one i was in the birds for the most part were pretty hot, but not all.

Food isn’t 5 star farmer, but its in comparison to Eddie Rocketts that it pisses all over it. And i’m not sure what your on about with the butter? What butter?

Butter on the bap of the burger.

I visited the Hooters in New York. Just processed burgers and chips - nothing to it at all. At least the burgers in Eddie Rocketts are decent.

This ‘Hooters’ place must be something else if it “pisses all over” Eddie Rockets. I’m sceptical.

Again, we are comparing low level food restaurants, everything is processed, Rocketts and Hooters or anything similar. I would try burgers, but never chips, can’t really make a call though as i don’t think i had a burger in Rocketts, ever. They look pretty awful anyway.

If anyone has the Food Network channel on Sky, 262 or something, see the show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, though not on an empty stomach. One watch and you’ll be clamouring to rush down to Edward Rocket’s in order to torch the place for not been even nearly as more-ish as we clearly, as humans, deserve. One watch of that show and the you’ll wonder why US obesity statistics are so low.