Calling The Selfish Giant

What’s the quickest route to cycle from the greater Grand Canal area to Fairview / Clontarf in evening rush hour. Ringend and East Link and cut through East Point?

Bumped for @The Selfish Giant

@The Selfish Giant wouldn’t be able to cycle a bike to save his life will ye stop. He’d blame the GGA then or whatever he calls it for his own inadequacy’s.

Samuel Beckett Bridge mate.

It’s usually bumper to bumper with very little manoeuvring room for cyclists though isnt it? I’d have to come down Macken St which is also a nightmare for cyclists

Purchase a helmet & a dress.

FFS sake. You asked for the best route - not a route suitable for a child on stabilisers.

Best route for cyclists, fucking cyclists. Manoeuvring through cars with exhaust fumes being pumped in my face isnt exactly something I’d like.

Cat got your tongue @The Selfish Giant?

Rocko is correct, this is actuaaly my route home , by the theater, across the beckett bridge, back of the ifsc, down To the 5 lamps onto the malahide road, alternatively you can go towards east wall and around

There’s a fucking kerbed off cycle lane on Samuel Beckett Bridge and you find it too awkward.

It’s the route to the bridge that could cause a problem. Thanks for your input anyway @Rocko

Mac, if you want to avoid macken street, head down pearse st, turn right just before the padraig pearse and you come out near the o3 building on the liffey just before the bridgè,

The last right turn when you get to the liffey is dodgy as you arent meant to turn there so stay safe

Why did you complain about the manoeuvring room on the bridge then? Your argument is in shreds. You’re an embarrassment to yourself and to your county.

Calling @Sean stack - note the correct use of your and you’re in this post

Nope your still a cunt

I live in this area, @Mac. I recommend using the Samuel Beckett Bridge, taking the subsequent right as if you’re going to the port tunnel before taking the left at the back of The Gibson Hotel and heading up to East Wall and on to Fairview.