Career Change


Go on…


Shur he ran the GPA out of his house for a few years. Presume when the cheque came from Croker, so too did a few expenses requisitions.


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I’d say the timing of this is ideal for Donal Og


I’m completely and utterly over qualified in an academic sense for what i do, or at least in relation to most of my peers.

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You used to be a langer, but in fairness the kids changed ya.
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Is this a love letter ?


FAO of @gilgamboa:

How’s the new job going, pal?

You were very prompt to update your LinkedIn profile.


Not starting until end of next week but I felt it was timely to make the change.

Did your pal find anything after?


He’s meeting lots of people in his professional network for coffee to discuss potential roles but hasn’t formalised anything yet.



Informal coffee the way to go…I’d be most surprised if he doesn’t have a selection to choose from based on some of contacts iv gotten. The professional services firms appear to be crying out for those with banking experience


I’m aware of at least one professional services firm that has tried and failed to recruit @Bandage’s pal.


That does not surprise me in the slightest

They would be lucky to have him


FAO of @bandage. Would you mate fancy moving to Cork?


Signing in. Had a choice of doing apprenticeship where I am with no guarantee of permanency as solicitor at end of it and apprentice wages of average 250 per week for 2 and a bit years or taking a HEO position in another dept.

Gonna take the HEO


Is that a civil service role - Higher Executive Officer

I dunno are a lot of jobs such as solicitor, engineer, accountant etc at bit over-rated for the most part.

The pay, outside a few top performers, is nothing spectacular and the workload is serious. A big four job in accountancy might wave the prospect of partner in front of your nose, but how many of them make it there?

If there is some sort of progression in the HEO role, for a man pushing 40, it might not be a bad move at all?


Ah he’ll be AP within the month if @Brimmer_Bradley takes him under his wing.