Career Change


He’ll hardly emulate Whitaker anyway.

AP at 27
Secretary Dept of Finance at 40

Still alive too @ 99.


I liked that art, though I have no idea what you are talking about.


HEO all the way pal. Think of the pension.


There are more than enough bog standard solicitors in the country without you adding to the pool.


Go for it buddy. You seem like the kind of guy who isn’t scared to roll his sleeves up and look really busy at important times. You’ll be a roaring success.


What a lovely line brimmer.


ask yourself first, why did i go and do the law degre. write it down 3 or 4 times over next few days.

then decide.


Spell it properly though.


You’re hurting from yesterdays whooping. I get it






Ah lads, ye are on fire today… I’ve spilt my peppermint tea all over the desk here.


Not as simple as that kev, I’ve a wife with long term cancer treatment who will be not be working for the foreseeable future a young daughter and a mortgage and at the end of the day my desire to provide for them to the best of my ability outweighs my long-standing interest in law and the dream of practising it.

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Lots of people do law and realise they don’t want to be solicitors. Yours truly for example.


It’s a no brainer so.


Really hope it all works out for you






Best of luck with it Art. Who knows how life will turn again in a few years - Get stuck into the new role and dominate the cunts.


Ah ya i know that. But sometimes, and i’m not talkjng about you or Art, people forget their dreams and get laxy or take easy options.

@artfoley is clearly in a different situation here and i was not aware of his family situation.

Best of luck with whatever decision art.