Career Change


Sure you can go back to it.



It’s a no brainer. Good luck whatever road .


@artfoley I’m pretty sure you’re gonna find the law degree very useful as a HEO. Good luck, take no shit from your highers and don’t be a cunt to your underlings.


Best of luck art.


Great news Art, good luck.


Best of luck Art…some very interesting areas in government to use your law degree once you are in long enough to be able move around …


Whatever you choose it will all work out in the end. Best of luck


No choice art, with the civil service you’ll have a great work life balance, leeway to look after your family and if youve any ability, and you seem to, the opportunity to move up quickly. The solicitor route in dublin is 12 hour days breaking your back for little thanks, in at the weekends, and having to brown nose pompous gimps, and probably having to do mindlessly boring work or even worse rip people off


A few friends went down this route and I think it reflects very badly on the legal profession. Lads with a degree and masters in Law on 250 quid a week in Dublin for years is exploitation. It then breeds an expectation that they can plunder all around them when they qualify. Law society are a bunch of cunts.


Cheers lads.

Still no idea of what dept I’ll be going to so it’s a bit if a leap of faith. From what hear though they’re looking for a lot for justice so it may well be that all the studying law won’t be for nought and it may even give me the opportunity (in a particular section in justice) to settle a few scores with some of the cunts I currently work with.

The extra 10k and 4 days Hollier’s would be an added bonus if that was the case


Fuck the law

Serve the people


Absolute disgrace.

Accounting is the same


That’s the long and the short of it.


What’s the going rate for a trainee acct in a big 4 firm in dublin @bandage @Rocko @briantinnion??

24 k approx? Not grt but sounds better than @artfoley was offered


Would you think of getting a job yourself?


Would you think of fucking off back to Italy?


Im australian mate

Ireland should join the common wealth

You’re a fuckwit “mate”


Cheers bro


Anytime honey