Career Change


Those cunts deserve it.


Best of luck with it art.


Christ that’s not much if its correct. Trainee solicitors in the top tier firms would be on 40k+


Would they be on that much ? That’s decent wedge for a trainee



Battle for talent but They do work long hours for it.


Nearer 50k these days but if you’re anywhere outside of that you be doing well enough to get more than law society rates.

CSSO is only civil service place that pays more than apprentice rates afaik


Entry level 50k?


The public sector attitude to traineeships is laughably old fashioned. You’d think they’d want to attract high level graduates/hold on to valued staff pursuing that route. I know their hands are tied to an extent, but cmon like.


Thats a good question, and I thank you for asking it.


Yep. But only in the top ten. They pay to get the top graduates


Not much better when you qualify. Starting salary for solicitor is 31-33k. I think CSSO and DPP have gotten some leeway to bring in lads further up the scale but it’d take a solicitor 4 years PQE to match the HEO starting salary.

Of course the irony being that if we paid a few quid more to get top lads at the start we’d be paying a lot less to the likes of Arthur Cox etc now


All the best @artfoley me oul Kaiser Chief.


So it’d take you ten years to catch up to the HEO salary assuming you didn’t go up to AP in the meantime? Fuck that. Doing the right thing art. Fuck the law degree.


A partner in a big legal firm told me before he was loathe to hire people who’d worked as in house legal for long periods. He reckoned it turned them into house cats. Masters of theory but it blunted their edge as you got paid regardless of value of opinion

Oh and fuck the law…family first and foremost


That never happened.


I’ve just given that the 35th like. Best of luck pal.


Like in every profession the best will bet paid well but I’d have had a fair bit of dealings with solicitors around the country and I doubt some of the qualified ones working in a firm are even pulling 50k…


“talent” :joy:


They would be doing criminal defence work though. That doesn’t pay as well.