Career Change


As coined by McKinsey



Indeed. It always made me smile. Talent is painting, music, sport. Not hiding behind a printer wading through documents.


There is more competition for trainees now. 10/11 years ago trainee salaries were in the 27/28k range in the Big 5 and jumped up to 35k quickly overnight as London firms started looking across the Irish Sea for talent. The recession killed the number of traineeships available but they exploded in number again 3/4 years ago as the firm’s figured out how to make money again and needed bodies. And London are still sniffing around and have easier means to find that talent than 15 years ago.

They don’t get paid during their FE1s year though. Paid to party during Blackhall but you’re talking 10 months without a salary during the FE1s.


You thought about the law and the law won Art. Fuck them. Most of them are cunts.


There’s a big difference between a small practice and a large one.


Best of luck with everything @artfoley. Keep the family first


Big firms pay through blackhall. Paid to drink for six months


Best of luck with it Art. In a few years, when things settle down maybe you could do law by night


Yes that’s what I said

You’re not paid for the FE1s though


Trainee accountants in Big 4 start on about €25k rising to around €40k by the end of their 3 / 3.5 year training contracts. They’ll get 2-3 months paid study leave each year they’re sitting exams. If they stay on they can typically get to around €65-70k within a year. It’s grunt work though and most leave.

Getting very difficult to hire the numbers the Big 4 are looking for these days so salaries might start to creep up a little.

What kind of buns does a partner in a top tier law firm make these days guys? What age do they leave practice? Maybe it’s the industry I’m in but I rarely meet law firm partners above 50.


Pints, pints and chasers, or PPC 1 &2


The firms had no problems with the milk round until recent years. What has changed?


Do the big4 want these guys to stay afrer training contract? Or happy enough to let them go and get in loads of more cheap labour?


Departments don’t want to take responsibility for decisions so they farm it out to legal advice. Have to be seen to cover their ass by doing it some of the time. Even where there’s better expertise in house.


No, they couldn’t afford them.

Long term if they planned for 10% to stay beyond 5 years they’re happy I’d say.

Something like audit only works because of the cheap labour at the bottom doing all of the grunt work. The hours required to audit something and charge out rates a qualified accountant makes in the open market doesn’t make it viable to have loads of qualified accountants hanging about.


Nobody in the public service wants to make a decision. Same goes in multi nationals but not to the same laughable degree.


300,000+ people, none of whom want to make a decision. Wow. It’s a wonder they manage to dress themselves in the morning.


Do you make commission every time you make a blind defence of public sector workers?