Recommendations please for a man thinking about buying a new vehicle (second-hand). Would one be better advised buying privately, from a garage or from a sales auction maybe? There must be a world of second-hand cars for sale out there with most of them available at knockdown prices for a fella ready to pay up front in cash…

Great deals around now Dunph, you’re better off going in with no trade in if possible, more bargaining power that way. Wouldn’t go near an auction unless you’re very familiar with cars, hard to know whats good and whats crap. Have heard car leasing companies are the place to go for good deals. Loads of 2,3,4 year old sales rep cars to get rid of. High mileage but would have been well looked after

Where are these car leasing companies, hannibal? They could have dear enough cars. I’m not looking for something too dear, just something handy to drive around the farm with and maybe transport the odd animal around the place…

VW passat or ford mondeo dumph if tis car your after that can actually tow a trailer, I’d be enclined to suggest you consider a VW caddy or a single cab pick up, I have driven a hilux a few times and it’s fine for the odd tow job if tis a smallish trailer you have

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Just google car leasing Dunph, give a few of them a ring or e-mail them. Used to have a few numbers at work. If I find them I will PM you. If you’re looking for a jeep, loads of them on Farm/Plant guide( Like car buyers guide). Loads of them going fairly cheap at the minute.

Would i need a special license for a VW Caddy, turfcutter? Is that not a commercial vehicle? They are a noble van in fairness and the insurance would be fine and cheap compared to my current car, a Merc…

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VW caddy is a commericial but as far as I know a normal driving licence will do fine I’m nearly sure about that, If you want real value get a seat inca rebadged caddy tow a handy trailer fine too.

Good stuff…

Has anyone bought a car from up the North or the UK and brought it over? The cars are of course cheaper than buying here but i am thinking of doing this without paying the VRT. I presume if GSH or one of his cronies stop me i will get away with furnishing them with a fake address up the North…

Not paying the VRT has nothing to do with the cops Dunph, it’s customs you need to be avoiding.

Customs could only catch me around the border areas i presume? What’s the penalty if you get caught genuinely avoiding paying it? Will you just have to pay it or is there a fine as well? I can’t go to prison. I’m too pretty for prison.

I bought a UK car before Dunph and customs caught up with me and told me to clear the VRT or get the car out of the country ASAP. Anyway the car still worked out cheaper. I’m on the lookout for a new set of wheels myself. I’m thinking a mazda 3, or 6. I test drove a nice Volvo today.

Again??? :lol:

Yes, I have almost killed yet another car!

For those who don’t know, 2RE has been known to go through three cars a year…

Customs are all over the place, not sure of the penaltys and fines though.

That’s not down to bad driving or lack of motoring knowledge, I have just been cursed with owning extremely shite cars and bad luck.
Don’t mess with customs. Those boys mean business when they’re out there.

Dunph. I went the commercial route for the second vehicle, have a Kia Sorento, 7 year warantee, 6 left when i bought her up north… The crowning glory is that vrt on comm vehicles is £50.

Pulls a horse box with two future bumper winners effortlessly, and there is plenty of room in the back for trial stake winners to lie out between courses.

I have an A4 as well, great car, 1.8t petrol model, its 07 so the tax is a cunt, though. Skoda Superb deisel is a noble car.

A Honda accord is a nice vehicle