Might be easier to ask some youngsters to take it off for a spin & have a bonfire afterwards.
Those Laguna’s are absolute wankers of yokes.


The wife had a megane years ago. I think we paid about 6k for it. I reckon it cost me as much getting the funking thing fixed before I eventually got rid.


back down to the main dealer for mickee321 to get raped id say


A 2012 Toyota Corolla with 151,000kms on the clock.

How much of a trade in should I be looking for?


10k to 10.5k


Petrol or Diesel engine, pal?


Diesel mate


10k, 15k if you throw the horse in with it


Tbh, they’ll claim they are allowing €10500 - €11000. In reality it will probably be no more than €8500 - €9000.

Play the long game, go into wherever and get figures with your part exchange. Ring them back following day to say you’ve sold your part exchange and ask what’s best price on a straight Deal.

If it works out better to sell your own, I can organize a buyer for you.


A pal of mine has a 2010 mini one. 50000 miles. Pretty much immaculate. I think she’s the second owner. She bought it off my wife’s cousin so it’s straight. She’s been working with me in the UK for six months, and owned it, so can, I think, import without vrt. What would it be worth at home, and could you sell it for her?
She’s off to Oz for a year in Feb so won’t have time.
PS her dad is a farmer.


Wouldn’t have a clue off the top of my head the value of the Mini, pal.

Her best bet is to sell it over there, no real benefit in bringing it back here just to sell it.


What’s the relevance of this?


Thinly velled " they transported calves in it".


I’d say there is a terrible smell of blood scour in the boot.
The casing around the rear lights could do with a good cleaning.


He wouldn’t be doing any townie cunt a favour, @carryharry may need to buy cowshit or cut grass off this old timer at some stage in the future.


I’ll bury you in a slatted tank if you address me in that tone again you prick.


I reckon it’s worth more in Ireland. She paid 4.5k sterling for it I think.


He buys equipment I’d imagine.


The mainland premium


Any TFK folk bought a car from the UK? Looking at buying from a Garage/Dealer.

Looking to get one of the new shape fiesta’s in a 1.4 diesel. Had a look on Donedeal and the going rate for a 2010 model is about 6500 give or take a few hundred either side.

Had a quick look and at current exchange rates I could get a 2012 model for 6000 euro + VRT. What would VRT be like on such a purchase? Seeing as I would be buying from a garage would I have any sort of warranty seeing as im bringing the car back the Ireland.