The first of them have already come back and as you say it’s diluting the second hand market value. Any dealer, there’s not too many btw, who is underwriting these cars will be out of business in the not too distant future. The guaranteed future value bestowed on these cars 3 years ago is now pie the the sky and these cars will be sold at a loss to the underwriter.
I think it’s a win win for the customer if you keep rolling over every three years. The mileage penalties are not huge and are rarely enforced if you’re trading in again.
There’s places now selling second hand cars again with zero deposits but that’s a different ball game altogether but worth looking at if purchasing


It is if you can keep rolling over without having to put cash into it each time and you can rely on the equity


Load of bollocks.


Mercedes Ireland executive unleashes unprecedented attack on new car market ‘pre-regging’ practice


Calling @carryharry

Bought an Octavia last summer. It’s given me quite a few problems. Think it’s more the individual car than the make itself - know loads who’ve nothing but good things to say about theirs . I feel like I’ve being throwing money after money with it and am giving serious consideration to a change.

A strange part of me is still attracted to getting an Octavia, and I’ve also been looking at Mazda 6s and Qashqais. What should I be buying of these three ? Probably 2012/13 direction and I’d imagine I’ll stick with diesel although my mileage has decreased in recent years


Well skin.

What year is your current Octavia? What trouble has it been giving?

How much room is needed in car etc?


My wan has a qashqai. Grand to drive and economical enough but linited enough room in it, certainly relative to the octavia. Its no bigger than a golf id say really just higher off road


At the moment, not that much room needed. Hopefully that’ll change in next year or two, where we need to actually use the back seat.
The Octavia is a 2010. Ah there’s been a few things go wrong with it. A couple of wheel bearings, a fuel injector, and some other yoke that cost me a hape of money earlier in the year (and almost made me miss a Tipp league match). I know fuckall about cars, but this one seems to have been bad luck from the start. First week in, a stone hit the windscreen. The hubcaps were robbed. It was broken into twice. There’s a part of me that wants to get rid.
But I fucking love the size of the boot on it.


Yeah my auld lad has a 09 petrol one for years. He’s happy out in it, but there’s never anyone other than him and auld wan in it. He does look on enviously at the boot in my octavia, when I seem him struggling to get all his golf gear into the boot.


I presume the mileage is fairly high on it if wheel bearings were needed. In saying that they are wearing parts.

I have a new shape Octavia which is a 15 reg, over 135000km on it and bar servicing & new tyres I haven’t spent a bob on it.

If looking at a new shape Octavia, make sure & buy the 2.0lt 140bhp version. More power & better on fuel with a 6 speed gearbox.


It’s got about 213,000 km on it now so high enough pal. She’s a 1.6.
I think new shape came in around 14?



Make sure & buy the 2.0lt version.


Agree with this. Neighbour opted for a 1.6L model and was very disappointed with it. Didnt have it 12 months before he traded it in for a 2.0L


Cheers @Copper_pipe & @carryharry


Laguna 2005 2.0L turbo
intermittent low oil pressure and low battery red lights when driving
i swappd out the alternator last night but both still recurring
battery giving me 12.5v DC engine off up to 14V DC when running so ok i think
electrics on this laguna are a nighmare
i was worried low oil pressure may indicate issue with bearings maybe but with the low battery i was thinking a rogue cable
what do u think … oil pressure warns more frequent then low battery
cheers pal
im not a meachanic in any sense of the word but expienced enough spark (not auto)


Where to start.

Is it burning oil, mate?

Those Laguna’s are a fucking nightmare electrics wise. Whether it’s wipers, electric windows etc.

TBH, it sounds like a dodgy ecu but if so you should be able to pick up a reconditioned unit. Have you any mates who have a diagnostics machine to plug into it?


its not burning oil and it dosent have that rattle sound u might hear if bearings are off
what’s an ecu carryharry?
ill ask a mechanic there can he hook up a diagniostic anyhow


dont mention the fucking HID headlamp washers…
need them to pass an NCT


ECU would be the central fuse box really. Problems with it could cause ABS, Battery & general Pressure switch warnings on the dash.
Usually located under or behind the passenger glove box.

This link might help,


this lad might know the score