Celebrities you've never heard of (well, until now)


Always thought he was an annoying prick. Glad to see my early judgement of him was right*

*if I base judgements on anonymous and unverified sexual abuse claims on twitter.


The ‘Al’ isn’t a typo


It seems to be open season to make whatever allegations you want against anyone. Once you are found guilty by the court of Twitter that’s it. Lionel Hutts wouldnt get a look in.


Grown men allowing other fellas to grope them and crying about it on Twitter, what’s the fucking world coming to. Why didn’t the cunt lay him out.


thats the way its gone now


Because he’s a poofter presumably.



I think she introduced herself, and he replied gorge bush.


It’s outrageous. Guilty based on a tweet. The world is absolutely fucked x 10.


That’s the way it’s gone now. I shudder to think the type of allegations I would be subjected to if I was famous


‘Once he even grabbed me in front of my girlfriend and asked "How come you don’t get hard for me!?’



Al Porter has a few allegations against him now


Al Porter is essentially a figurehead to the snowflake generation. The reaction to this is going to be very interesting to watch.


Would a box in the jaw solve Al’s problem?



Fascinating even



The first little anecdote tells all there needs to be told. A creep. Didn’t stop the paper of record cheerleading.




He might need a few boxes and possibly a few kicks into the rib cage once he hits the ground but your point is well made.