Celebrities you've never heard of (well, until now)

1 - Some rapist actor called Harvey Weinstein.

He’s apparently very famous.


Same as that. Never heard of him or a load of the birds that are accusing him of all sorts

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Me too . I never heard of him till the weekend .

Shock horror!

Film production company boss, and film producer, with a massive draw in the fickle world of show business, turns out to be a dirty old bastard.


This could well be the start of a lot of revelations .

There will be a book in it for somebody.

You’d have to imagine so. There’s been a quite a lot of women villified in Hollywood over the years, I remember Sean Young got a particularly bad shoeing back in the day for being “difficult”. It’ll be interesting to see what emerges.

Never heard of him

Is this Sean Young chap another rapist actor?

Never heard of him either.

No, that’s a woman, mate.

A lot of these Hollywood “stars” are taking the high moral ground now yet when when they had to chance to report him they didn’t as their career and the big bucks was more important to them.

Now the story is out in the open they are all rushing out with their own tales of what a creep he was. Did nothing when their own economic self interests were at stake, though. Fair dues to the women who actually stood up to him and reported him.

Had never heard of him before this weekend either.


The Book of Revelations has already been done mate. Check out your New Testament

No that’s Sean young

Don’t Art. Just, don’t.

That’s a woman.

Sean is a man’s name.

Stop inflicting your transgender nonsense on everybody.

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Transphobic Nazi!


all of these women would never had been heard of had they not let themselves be groped or whatever this chap is supposed to have done to them in exchange for him giving them a leg up and putting them on the path to fame and riches

it will only be a matter of time now before this trickles down to an irsh media personality who the story will go got reading the news on some dublin only radio station after the boss took a shine to her turning up with her tits hanging out and contracted depression 2 or 3 years ago as a result of it and now struggles to keep her life on track while she churns out lifestyle articles for a sunday papers magazine section while doing a few weekly radio slots and tv appearances


I hope you’re not victim blaming here chaps