Celebrities you've never heard of (well, until now)


Al Porter is the direct result of the Equality frenzy that occurred since around the time of the marriage referendum. He was pushed front and centre by ‘new Ireland’ even though he was vile and crass and unsuitable for mainstream television. His appearances on the LLS were an utter disgrace.
The Irony that the snowflake poster Boy has been trapped by a #metoo hashtag is utterly fascinating.
Of course Many of us did predict it would turn farcical.


Al Porter undressed me with his eyes once


It’s fellas like him that give all the quares a bad name.


This is just the tip of the iceberg for that crowd


I’d say an awful lot of ‘gay’ celebrities are shiting themselves right now. They are certainly promiscuous little buggers that is without doubt and the level of debauchery is quite high in comparison to hetros coupled with their opinion that they have a devine right to behave that way (eg that former hurler who proudly and bizarrely wrote in his book about heading up a Vietnamese mountain for two days of homosexual depravity with strangers)
A good few divas are probably sharpening their knives.




I find myself nodding in agreement with all your sentiments there, mate.



DECADES? The jumped up prick is 24!


Not exactly an apology either


In fairness who hasn’t had their hole opened by porter


Fuckin hell did he put that shit in his book? A filthy breed no doubt,but sure it’s their society now and live and let live and all that shite!


Basically saying I’m a funboy so I can grab whatever cock I like


The problem for these gays is that flamboyant and outrageous is just inappropriate and downright creepy to the rest of us.
They have their equality now so they need to start acting like they understand what that entails. They are playing senior hurling now. Time to grow up and integrate into civilised society. We wont be dragged down to their level. This Al Porter case will be the best thing that ever happened the gays, if they take notice of it that is.


This porter fella is sick in the head


Jeffrey Tambor.
Aled Jones.


you have never heard of Aled Jones?


Might be worth drawin up Z-List celebrity cards and playing “sex-pest bingo” at this rate