Celebrities you've never heard of (well, until now)


On that topic, there was a Garda fella on the radio yesterday talking about an attempted sexual assault in Dublin. He warned people to be safe walking around the area, take precautions, not be unaccompanied etc. I presume he was fired since for victim blaming.


Don’t think so. But it would be naive to believe that he is the only bad guy.


I know a female broadcaster. She used to be working for a more local/regional station and I never warmed to her personally. I just found her particularly irritating, but she might have said the same about me.

I then heard her on the national airwaves a few times a few years back. A lad who worked with her in the local station said she was fond of the older men (she’d regularly make comments about older fellas (50+) working for RTÉ as being hot stuff and so on…). Anyway, when she heads up to the big smoke, she has a fling with one of the older fellas high up in a broadcasting group, and coincidentally starts getting some good slots on radio.

She lost her job initially because she slept in (twice, I think) for a breakfast show she was doing. She has reappeared a lot in the national media in the last year or so and seems to be doing quite well for herself. I have no doubt that she will have some stories to tell in the years to come.


That never happened.




Maula PacSweeney?


Is she not a howiya?


personally id have no issue with that ladies behaviour as long as she doesn’t suddenly become a victim of it all some time in the future




Go way? She sounds like a right fucking howiya. No doubt its her so. Good sleuthing.


I’d like @caulifloweredneanderthal confirmation all the same.


I’d have thought you’d love victims, seeing as you imagine yourself as the biggest one on this forum.


i beg your pardon?


I never promised you a rose garden


Did any of ye hear the case that was heard in court yesterday of an Egyptian man found guilty of rape of an Irish mother of 2 who is married. She got pissed drunk and lost her friends. She went back to your mans house “to use his phone” as her own one was dead and she accused him of rape.


Eh, I’d delete that post mate, it makes you come across very rapey.


Incorrect pal


Guillermo Del Toro on the Weinsteins brothers


Maula PacSweeney


Not a celebrity.