Celebrities you've never heard of (well, until now)


Jaysus they are queuing up to get the boot in now. The emperor has no clothes and is a sexual predator.


Douise Luffy
Zennifer Jamparelli


Nope. More Z list than them even


Fairead Marrell


This game is much better than the original intended purpose of the thread


Hiamh Noran


Indeed, what are the clues?
@caulifloweredneanderthal is in Limerick by way of North Tipp, definite links to MaryI which has a media course and a radio station.
This girl worked in local radio and now appears regularly on national radio having been fired from a breakfast show a few years back.
Keep the guesses coming.


Genny Jrenn.

Actually no, won’t have been her.


Cuireann O’Monnell


Never heard of her but having googled her I’d say we could have a winner. I don’t expect this to be confirmed so we’ll take silence as confirmation.
Good work.


am I missing something he wanted to bang a few birds and used his fame to do that?? How dare he look for a threesome with cara delevingne


Did you hear that tape with the Italian model?
This fella is a really disgusting loathsome prick


No throw it up there


What man worth his salt hasn’t hoodwinked a woman into bed at some stage? It’s all part of the game… obviously rape is another thing and only a weak piece of shit would do that to another Human being.

As an aside, I’m just out of the spa there after a massage and having a beer on my balcony while princess is still below getting a treatment… I panicked for a minute now that I’m married and wondered how I’d react if a happy ending was suggested … Anyway, not the carry on of a 5 star hotel but the panic was real bros… What would Harvey do?


I see this Harvey Weinstein chap is only worth $150m.

Thought someone like him would be worth more.


Yes you are missing a lot


His now ex mrs is not bad.



Anybody think similar revelations could possibly come out about the recently deceased Hugh Hefner?

I always thought of him as a real upstanding gentleman, but this Harvey Weinstock case would make you have second thoughts that maybe Hefner might also have been a vile, creepy, misogynist sleazebag.

If it comes out that he was, it’ll rock the world of showbusiness to its very core.


I’d say there’d be loads of women coming out about @caoimhaoin Weinstein after his boasts today but for the fact he’s not in the public eye, not rich and in reality a bullshitter.


The women he’s romantically charmed have certainly been in the public eye, though.

There could be a whole string of well-known Tipperary songstresses coming forward with their stories.