Celebrities you've never heard of (well, until now)


if it was the other way around there wouldn’t be a word about it




Checked back as far as post #400

Valid nominations:
Charlie Rose
John Lassiter
Matt Lauer
James Levine
Melanie Martinez
Bryan Singer
Frank Dane
Danny Masterson

Invlalid nominations:
Uma Thurman
Geoffrey Rush
Dustin Hoffman


You’ve never heard of Dustin Hoffman? :open_mouth:



Marshal Faulk :anguished:


That’s a very strange piece. She must have been seriously unlucky to find so many men in the one workplace who consistently took out their cock’s and propositioned her multiple times. Considering some of the accused are very religious, it doesn’t really add up. There should be clear enough evidence as there was text messages involved. If indeed all the allegations are true, then there are some seriously messed up people out there.


Jerry Ferrara


There’s nothing I wouldn’t believe about Warren Sapp tbf


Music mogul Russell Simmons.


Has to be more music executives out there shitting themselves.


While a lot of this is muddled and all over the place, I have to agree with a lot of what Damon says.


Agreed. Alyssa Milano comes out then attacking the man over it (shE is lovely BTW)and all the screaming noras chime in then, this thing has gone too far.

@myboyblue Throw up a pic of Milano on the auld ones thread there.


His ex Minnie Driver called his comments ‘Orwellian’.

She took particular offence with his comment about a pat on the bum being not as bad as rape! You couldn’t make this shit up.

‘Look at him (Weinstein)! He looks like a womaniser! Stay away from him’



Ah lads. The World’s gone mad.


As in you can’t believe Ansari is being accused or you’re surprised he didn’t get the non-verbal cues?


I’m disappointed in his lack of mind reading abilities.


I’m non verbally judging you now.


The game’s gone mad. These lads were the canaries in the mine, we’ve opened a Pandora’s Box.