Celebrities you've never heard of (well, until now)


Tough one for @HBV here.

While his natural instinct is usually to dismiss any suggestion that a man has raped a woman, the man at the centre of this is a brown-skinned Muslim, so in this case he must be very tempted to scream “rapist”.

How will he approach it?


you loves the auld rape @Sidney dont you?


Another self identified male “feminist” hoisted by his own petard. Quelle surprise.


I don’t think @HBV identifies as a feminist.


Fucking hell, 12 years of age.


They are really going after Phil Neville here for some nonsense tweet 6 years ago, christ the world is fucked with these snowflake cunts


The INTERNET never forgets


Sure hasn’t there been players banned for tweets sent years ago.



There’s probably some @Mac type character trawling through all of his old social media posts


Robert Wagner


Ah here.


Maybe I did but I googled him and he meant nothing .


Have a heart to heart with yourself mate and come back fighting


Hart to Hart?


Vaguely remember that show ok but the lead actor is it never registered in my consciousness on immature recollection . Sorry .


Don’t let it happen again.


I heard of him now so you can rest assured .


He must be dead. He was half dead during the show.


Between the Uma Thurman car crash on Kill Bill to this, it was only a matter of time before Tarantino was dragged into this


Kate Middleton wore green instead of the required black at the Baftas last night. So it appears she is in favor of bottom pinching in the film industry