Celebrities you've never heard of (well, until now)


He’s a gas cunt altogether.


You didn’t frame it as question. It was a statement.


I saw her doing stand up one night (on telly) and thought she was quite funny


Who is she? — I dont think i’ve ever laughed at a female stand up comedian in my life except maybe Jo Brand.


Actually Joan Rivers had made me laugh numerous times - the mental bitch


She is a v succesful female comedians/actresses. Amy Schumer is her name. Id find it hard to believe you havent heard of her. She is everywhere. Shes in mainly shit movies but does edgy enough stand up. She would hold her own here id say


I’ve certainly heard the name ---- I scrolled up about 10 posts and no sign of a name… She has rattled a few cages here anyway.


I think she may rank high on @artfoley’s uppity scale, that and the fact that she won’t be troubling the miss world judges means she’s got 50% of TFK spitting bile


Brazilian “faith healer” Joao Teixeira de Faria.

Among the accusers is Mr Teixeira’s daughter, Dalva Teixeira, 49, who called her father a “monster” and alleged she was beaten and raped by the medium until she was 14 years old.


Heard of him before alright. Operates on people without any anaesthetics.
I know a Limerick lady who was saving up to go see him. Don’t know if she ever did.