Celebrities you've never heard of (well, until now)


Who’s the poor bastard that has to look at that mug for the rest of their life. No money makes up for that punishment.


She probably has a great personality, its not all about the looks. Shallow fuckers. :slight_smile:


That’s the point mate, she’s a cunt, doesn’t even have the ‘bubbly’ persona


She has something for someone to stick their cock in her and impregnate her. One man’s cunt is another man’s Venus. :slight_smile:

Or maybe she just went down the local sperm bank and made a withdrawal. :slight_smile:


Wheres Tinkerbell lads?




Don’t be vulgar.


She’s preggers there…


Eye of the Tiger?


Yes, hopefully she has no issues and the Pregnancy is successful for all involved.


She is pregnant and a figure of ridicule here. Say were she to murder her little unborn baby and manipulate the situation using social media she would easily become a hero to the same people who currently ridicule her.


The TFK misogyny crew out in force again.
This lady is not beautiful enough for ye to ride so she is subject to ridicule?


Who is she?


Most of them would be straight up on her given half the chance


I’d say you’re a real hit with the ladies.


I’d fuck her every day of the week and twice on Thursday


Most of them would run home to their mammies if a woman made a move on them.


She’s not very attractive, doesn’t seem to have any discernable talent and is a massive hypocrite judging by her comments on Kevin Hart.
As a prominent public figure, who is basically also a model, she’s open to criticism. I happen to think she’s a fat mess and a bit of a cunt.

You seem to have placed yourself as the white night barrelling in when there are any comments on women. Do this give you a sense of being a women’s champion? Are women not open to criticism now? Have you ever called a man a fat ugly stupid cunt? You’re a really sad bastard, mate. No one in the real world gives a fuck you’re trying to be a feminist champ online, unless you actually are calling it as you see it, in which case, you’re an even wetter blanket than previously assumed.


Disgusting cunts.


Quite a diatribe. Poor spelling. Any response to my original comment? Are you a big hit with the ladies @Enrique?