Celebrities you've never heard of (well, until now)

I saw Theo Von picked up on his antics and called him a “gout leper” :rofl:

Theo Von


You’re letting yourself down now, Mac. Multiple Netflix specials, regular Joe Rogan podcast contributor, well over half a million Twitter followers, with the all important blue tick.

Gang gang.

Theo’s stand up isnt the best but his off the cuff (well to a degree, its still a bit) material in podcasts is exceptional. Some of the stuff he comes out with on the older Joe Rogan episodes would have you weak. His podcasts with Joey Diaz are great too, especially the one where he eats shrooms and did a comedy set later that night which can be viewed on Youtube. A compilation vid of him on podcasts would be a quick crash course on whether you’d like him. I haven’t listened to much of his own podcast but he seems to be a bit of a tortured soul but unlike 99% of comedians who are up their own and stuck in their own weird bubble he comes across as a decent skan.

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I couldn’t even tell you who Joe Rogan is except I’ve seen his name mentioned loads of times on here

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David Crosby.

There was also a 90 something year old actress who died recently who I’d never heard of.


Well, he was called “Tim The Tool Man Taylor”.


You hadn’t heard of Crosby Stills and Nash??
Fuck you are either deaf or its time to log onto the “thing’s that make you feel old” thread for me


Neil Young says away and fuck.

Nope, can’t say i have.

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Well he fucked off so…

Errah they all did from time to time.

Matty Healy.

A son of Denise Welch - the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

Can’t say I’d heard of Denise Welch either.

A son of Dennis Patterson from Auf Wiedersehen Pet.


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