Celebrity Deaths 2007

Nominate your most likely celebrity to die during 2007 on this thread. 10 Euro each guess and the first person to die that is named on this thread earns the nominator the whole pot.

Likey candidates might be:

Queen of England
Bin Laden (could be hard to prove)

Those aren’t my nominations - I don’t want to be accused of bias by giving myself first guess.

Candidate selected must still be an active celebrity - so you can’t just pick some 90 year old ex-soccer player who is doing nothing now. But if he’s a pundit or something then he’s fair game.

I’ll plump for Kate Moss. I really hope not but the lad Doherty will fook her over. Overdose in all probability.

Is this not a bit morbid?

Fook it, I’ll go for Eamonn Dunphy!! For no particular reason.

Fook ya Jack. I was just about to say Eamonn Dunphy.

Instead I’ll go for Shane McGowan

I’ll take Gay Byrne

Can you have more than one guess? Maybe a few special offers like 5 guesses for 30 euro or 10 guesses for 50 euro? The Gay Byrne nomination made me laugh out loud.

Yeah I think the price was a touch on the dear side so we can have 1 nomination for 5 euro, 3 for 10 euro or 8 for 20 euro. Agreed?

Limit of 3 nominations each today though so all the big stars aren’t gone before others get a look in.

If it was a road traffic accident the irony would be sensational alright.

right my 3 are

Jimmy Magee
George Bush Snr

Magee’s a cracking shout - he had a bypass a while back didn’t he?

Bush senior strikes me as being hail and hearty (Is that how that phrase goes?) but a year’s a long time.

Yeah don’t think he’s in the best of Health, he looked shook enough the last time I saw him on TV.

there’s always somebody that dies unexpectantly every year. Bush Snr is my tip!!

My 3 for a tenner are:

  1. Kate Moss
  2. Bella from Fair City - I think he’s called Jim Bartley
  3. Ian Paisley

Magee is a belter alright. This is my favourite ever thread already. It rocks.

Yeah Gay Byrne is my outside shot equivalent to your Bush snr. With Bush I could see a sudden illness and death - with Byrne I’m more expecting carnage on the roads or something. Raging he gave away that Harley now - it was a death trap.

Just a quick clarification clause here - I presume we’re all agreed that people with pre-existing terminal illnesses should not be included. We have standards of fair play to uphold.

Just arriving on this thead now

All I can say is that you are all sick. In a weird kind of way you will be happy when someone dies if that person is the one you predicted

I will have no act or part in this

Do you also disagree with life assurance?

So far I have Gay Byrne. Numbers 2 and 3 are:

  1. Albert Reynolds
  2. Pete Doherty

How gutted would you be if one of your nominees keeled over between now and the end of the year?

Stay safe people.

Thanking Christ I didn’t pick Pinochet for the reasons you’ve just outlined Bandage.

Can I replace one of my 3 or do I have to put in a further separate entry?