Celebrity Deaths - 2017


Wrong. That is subjective and a purely moral viewpoint. The Act isn’t relevant anyway as it talks about military tribunals.

The Irish Free State government were de jure and de facto ruling authority of Ireland, and had the authority to repress by force all attempts to over throw it. As the case law in the Childers case stated.

The executions stopped other elected TDs being executed, as admitted to by Anti IRA members who stopped going around shooting them then.


Not wrong. Right.


Sweet response. The Act has nothing to do with it, that is just your opinion. Talk about them being detained prior to the Act is nonsense talked by people with a baseline understanding of the law.

The courts ruled it was a State of War and the Provisional Government could use “force if necessary” to stop the State being overthrown. The Anti treaty IRA specified aim was this. These men had attempted to overthrow the State. The cabinet approved this. The end.

It never ceases to amaze me how someone like you (someone who I assume had a grandad on one side so is disposed to defending them) can pick out a portion of someone’s life (WT Cosgrave’s cabinet ordering an execution when they had the power to do so) that you don’t like, but will describe the 4 executed here as great men. These were men whose actions directly and indirectly led to the killing of civilians. Who ignored democracy. Yet, they’re much better than the man who helped establish a State and handed power over peacefully. Boggles the mind.


I had a look in The excellent book ‘The Cosgrave Party’ by Ciara Meehan and it appears you are probably correct,


No he’s not. The Act specifically called for military tribunals. They never got one. But the country was in a State of War.


You’re not at the L&H now butty. It was cold blooded murder by Cosgrave.


L&H :joy:

I can imagine you enjoy speaking to an audience who won’t challenge you though. Wonder what you do. :thinking:

It was a collective decision by the cabinet of the elected government of the State.


It was. In breach of the law.




He’ll be remembered for covering up the biggest mass murder in the history of this state. Worse than that he set the heavy gang to work to intimidate the victims families drawing out their hurt. All while collecting 7 figures in pensions.


I’d put it up at the top of the list along with plenty of other things, including bringing that British cunt over to hang Irish men who had fought for the country.


Cosgrave also fucked over o dalaigh and kept the thundering disgrace paddy donegan in office.


Correct he wasn’t too interested in democracy or the institutions of the State when they cut across the interests of the family business. Similarly he wasn’t too interested in the rule of law when he presided over the illegal activities of the special branch.


O’Dalaigh was a simpleton.

No harm him resigning.


Ah for Jaysus sake.


Don’t worry mate. I hate Cosgrave as well.


Bed of heaven to him. Different times


So we are all in agreement that Cosgrave is a lovely death.


97 is a grand age to get to.


The corgis will no longer get blamed for pissing on the settee.