Celebrity Deaths - 2017


Jeez I don’t know.


He may have been many things, a snowflake, precious etc, but he wasn’t a simpleton.


I’m sure Vera doted over him. It must have been difficult for him when she went. No doubt a happy release to go join her once again, and see that kind welcoming smile.



The state will save a nice bit on his state pension now.


Do we have an updated league table?

With all the focus on the father of the deceased, it should be noted that his son Dr. Ciaran Cosgrave was part of the Galway hurling All Ireland winning backroom team. My condolences to the Cosgrave family and Nogra.


@locke update the auld table there.


And let us not forget the other son, the one who was convicted of taking bribes.


@croppy_boy 2pts

The rest 0pts


Was there not someone else, @mac?


Not me bud.


That’s a bloke.


I can see why you’d think that.


Amongst all the tributes to the former Taoiseach last night and this morning, I heard one nugget which referred to his illness this autumn causing him to miss his first All-Ireland Hurling Final since the 1930s. That’s the sort of record that would put some of the Up For The Match guests to shame.


67 years of free tickets. I’d say he was a miserable ould bollix.


That’s actually a nice picture of her. There are some right clockstoppers on google images


Never handed the ticket off once. Not once.


You’d think he’d have helped out his party colleague Michele Mulherin


The GAA are a great organisation all the same, they never forget a friend of the Association.


A great horse racing man was Liam


Brucie F

My dreams of 2 in a row have been shattered