Celebrity Deaths - 2017


Geoff and Mac tied neck and neck so.


It was specifically hurling finals that were mentioned. Nothing about football finals. He could well have fixed things up for Senator Mulherin on that front.


I believe Cosgrave’s grandfather was one of the students who drew up the rules of stick hurling in Trinity College in the 1870’s.


What the fuck is wrong with Bertie?


He’s fair blotchy.


Can I give you a wish list?


Kevin Cadle :sweat:


What?! Cancer?


No idea pal just seen it there on NFL page,gutted.


Ah no, that is shocking, poor Kevin :cry:


That’s very sad news. A great broadcaster and seemed like a real gentleman.


THE face of NFL in this neck of the woods, a pure chancer, twould be like Jerry Kiernan becoming the voice of hurling in the USA,
RIP, seemed genuine


Never heard of him


Ah no


Very sad news. RIP Kev


Same here but only had RTE 1&2 growing up


Why did SKY bin him?


Poor Kev Cadle.



Cadle to the grave boys .


Awful news. RIP Kev.