Celebrity Deaths - 2017


A genuine gob smacker. I was wondering where he got to? Rip Kevin- basketball man but was the face of NFL coverage in U.K.


Its being reported that Sean Hughes is dead!


Confirmed. 51. Fucking hell.


Sean Hughes! Jesus that’s sad


I have him now. Good guy, rip


Sean Hughes had Liver cirrhosis



RIP Sean Hughes

He had a cracking taste in music.


Sean Hughes provided the background comments/gags on ‘The Booklovers’ by the Divine Comedy from the ‘Promenade’ album.


Kev and Sean were two people I would really have liked to have had a pint with.

I was only wondering what Kev was up to while watching the coverage of the Dallas-Green Bay game last Sunday night and thought to myself “this is a very exciting game but it would be much better if Kev, Nick and Sean Hughes were on the studio panel.”


I must say I never heard of him, was he fond of a pint?


That’s awful, 51 ffs. R.I.P. Sean


Sean Hughes was class on the buzzcocks. RIP


Never mind the buzzcocks ffs sake. Ophelia is about to wipe us out


Had plenty of pints with Sean in London. Good fun but he was so insecure.

Sad news.


Never heard of him either.


He did a lovely piece about walking home after bad haircut


Sean’s show was very popular when I was in college, he was no Kevin NcAleer but did a decent deadpan. Must have been a martyr for the gargle??


Someone Google him and throw up a picture


Ah no mate, he was a genuine big deal for a few years, paved the way for Dylan Moran and a few others on the mainland I’d say.


I’ll take this “insecurity” to mean having deep seated but charming and endearing self doubt, in the way that genuinely funny, creative and talented people tend to have, and which they tend to embrace and explore for creative purposes.

As opposed to the insecurity of somebody who knows they are a complete and utter fraud and charlatan, and who try to hide their insecurity with unintentionally hilarious fake confidence, arrogance and bluster. Which we’ve seen a lot of in the world media over the last two years or so.