Celebrity Deaths - 2017


I liked Sean very much. RIP


He had a cameo as a journalist in the commitments didn’t he?




Eejit records


Some friends of mine are in a band in Limerick. A few years back, Sean came across their music and publicly tweeted his interest/support and a few records were sent over.


Missed Kev Cadle with all the Sean Hughes posts. RIP


Sean Hughes wrote this about his own funeral.

Writing about your funeral is pretty dark anyway but, jesus.


When I knew Sean in London I don’t think he was ever truly happy. He never reached the fame/ appeal he thought he deserved.
And he had many demons, mostly himself. One night in at a gig in Kings Cross, Sean was trying to pull Sonya who was the lead singer of a band called Echobelly. He hadn’t a clue. He plenty of drink in him and was chasing her all over the place. He was very tall and she was tiny. She didn’t want to know. I think she was terrified of him. It was really sad to watch.


I loved Sean’s Show. I thought he was a very original artist at a time in the 90’s when many were trying and failing badly to be original. He was very, very funny and I’d inagine no one was more surprised at this than himself. I’m very saddened at his passing. Rip Sean.


If it hasn’t already been said yet but can I take it that he drank himself into a non-functioning liver status?


Some lad from the TV show ‘Trailer Park Boys’ is attracting some attention on my twitter feed because he’s only after going and dying.


John Dunsworth, aka Jim Lahey. TV’s greatest drunk ever



the irish have a terrible problem with drink, I see it over here all the time, even he young lads, drunk all weekend, missing Mondays, its disgraceful, I think most Irish are naturally depressed people and use drink as a crutch


i use to go to the making of Seanie’s show. One week the guests were The Cure. It was a laugh seeing them in the flesh at the after show party. Robert Smith was a sight to behold.


Ah for fuck sake. RIP Jim.


Do they get up for Mass on a Sunday?


Poor old Tossy reminds me of the unfortunate in a song I enjoy singing.

There’s four who share this room as we work hard for the crack
And sleeping late on Sundays I never get to Mass
It’s a long way from Clare to here


I think they turn to drink to forget the embarrassment of having failed in Mick Muldoon land.


Nah mate, it’s the shame. The song says it all.

It almost breaks my heart when I think of Josephine
I told her I’d be coming home with my pockets full of green
And the only time I feel alright is when I’m into drinking
It sort of eases the pain of it and levels out my thinking


the have lost their way altogether, they’d be inside in some hellhole like wetherspoons drinking pints of carling