Celebrity Deaths - 2017


Eamonn Campbell, the man who suggested to his Dubliner band colleagues that they might consider recording an auld song with The Pogues, has died, aged 70 after a brief illness.

Now there was a man who looked older than he was.


not a celebrity


For sure. Could have been in his 80s if you went on appearance


I tend to agree and have edited the thread title accordingly. Some of the no marks included this year is beyond a joke.


The man played on Top of the Pops pal. Show some respect.


Seemed to have been a bit of a tortured soul by the looks of it


Thats not a very complimentary piece. Not your normal obituary anyway. Tough reading in parts.

Probably better remember this guy


Why would you be in a hellhole like Wetherspoons to witness this?


RIP Benson


RIP Fats.


Fats Domino

Jesus fucking wept



Fats cameoed on The Monkees ffs


Broken leg apparently. RIP.


Roy “Doc” Halliday, one of the finest pitchers in baseball history has been killed in a light aeroplane crash.


Higgins from Magnum PI.


he was told once “he was a credit to the empire” because of his British accent. he was from Texas


Zeus and Appolo were two fine dogs


Alan Potts RIP


Wife died during summer. Amazing how many elderly couples go within same year. Rip


Sergio Aguero