Celebrity Deaths 2019


There’d be 4 or 5 of them in every game these days.




The poster in question had obviously been keeping one eye on Gordon Banks’ Alzheimers.


He mustn’t have had a bob in his later life. He sold his World Cup winners medal.


Medals mean very little when you have the memories.

Oh wait.


A rare case of Banks going broke.


It was the save of the century. I’ve never seen a better one.


Now that I have been informed of that, of course not. Can I bring on a substitute?




Was that not Nicholas Parsons?


Forgotten 2007/2008 already? Not like you Sidney!


Better than @artfoley ?


I never knock a footballer for seeking more money .


That’s the English for you…throw you on the scrapheap when you ve gone past your use by date. Same happened with Bobby Moore


Was this one better?

Always sad to see a league of Ireland legend pass away. R.I.P. Gordon.


Mick O’Brien the goalkeeper mentioned in that piece apparently had a fondness for swinging out of crossbars while waiting around in his goal. I’m told he once snapped two of them in the same game and was sent off for doing so (two yellow cards).

I think he played a few games for Dublin and was named to start in the 1980 Leinster final - but John O’Leary was famously thrown in to start for his debut by Kevin Heffernan just before throw in.


Definitely remember him getting sent off in Athlone for breaking the crossbar. Philip Greene was the commentator


An incredible save, one of the best ever


The edgy soccer hipsters scrambling around furiously trying to find a better in save in somewhere like Bulgaria or Finland.


Jerzy Dudek’s miracle save from Andriy Shevchenko at the end of extra-time in the 2005 European Cup final is the only serious rival to Bansky for the title of GSOAT.