Celebrity Deaths 2019


This Peter Schmeichel one is considered better as he had to get lower down to keep it out


No contest, Banks is a far better save


Never mind Gordon Banks, I’ve see Gordon Marshall make far better saves than that one by Schmeichel.


They’ll be telling us next that the Rapid Vienna player with the attempt on goal was a better player than Pele.




Who missed the sitter in the first half?


You’ll be telling us next that you’re a rubby man not a scummy soccer man


It was cat like. Too bad England had an actual cat cat in goal in the QF, Banks’ illness robbing the football world of a likely England Brazil final.

What makes the save remarkable is Banks was covering his near post and had to get across and then get down so quickly. He probably got a little lucky as the ball was coming off the ground and didn’t need too much of a touch to deflect it higher. The heavier ball back then also has to be considered.


Agreed, so all in all Schmeichel’s was a superior save.


What is it about this place and quote mining? Banks’ was a far more difficult save given the distance he had to travel to even get to the ball. Stop this lovely tribute at 45s, the ball is coming off the ground and he still has 3 or 4 yards to get there. Schmeichel was an incredible keeper but no way he gets to that.


That save never done nothing for me.


It was extraordinary, I never tired of seeing it, absolutely awesome


You’d have been disappointed if he’d let that in.


What a week for Man U. Top goal scoring academy trophy winners and now Schmeichel apparently with the greatest save of all time.


I would have saved it


It was half a yard from him ffs.


This one from Inter Milan’s Beniamino Abate at 2:35 is a fair impression of Banks. And yes, I did dredge it up from the distant recesses of my memory, rather than see it on Twitter.


This one from Barthez against Liverpool was unbelievable.


Mark Hollis of Talk Talk (the 80s music legends not the call centre that closed in Waterford).