Celebrity Deaths 2019


Timeless song, iconic 80’s stuff. They don’t make em like this anymore.


This is their most stunning effort imo, about his brother who died of a heroin overdose.


The brother was the manager of relatively successful pub/punk rockers Eddie and the Hot Rods. The brother also co wrote the song Talk Talk.

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Andre Previn, 89. Pretty remarkable life he led. Still remember his greatest gig on Morecambe and Wise.


A horrible person.


I say you do alright.

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Are you dead?


Lads posting deaths in the 2018 thread, it really grinds my fucking gears


Apart from a cold dead heart, no


Jan Michael Vincent, 74


Mad to think of him as 74.
I used to love Airwolf on Saturday afternoons as a kid and made highly intricate Lego models of it.



Georgie Burgess gone too.


Finally clipped, snip snip.

We’ll always remember him.


Apologies I put Scott in wrong thread

Scott Walker RIP

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It’s a real pity it isn’t the former Republican presidential candidate who has died, rather than the great singer.

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