Celebrity Deaths 2019


A genius.
“Before you play two notes, learn how to play one note… and never play one note unless you have a reason to play it”.


It’s not his life.




Never heard of either but rip


Such a shame.


Any word what happened to him?



Would do a lot of you the world of good to go and listen to Mark Hollis’ back catalogue, especially Laughing Stock and The Spirit of Eden. But I’d say most of you would prefer to lap up shit by the likes of George Ezra and Hermitage Green.


Home grown alligator


He died :worried:


A rare case of farmer liking a bands “later stuff”


Seems only right to give these a spin. Spirit of Eden on vinyl is the first thing I bought off the internet around 2000 from eBay, borrowing my dad’s credit card


John Kelly just played a half hour of Talk Talk there.


I listened to it earlier.

I can head many recent bands in there. One of my favourites, Shearwater, are massively influenced by it.


They’d a nice record ‘Rook’ I think. I may have seen them at an ATP but not sure if I did


A cracking album and the title track is one of the best I’ve heard in years.

I saw them in the Button Factory and there was barely anyone there which surprised me.


Great tune, I put it on a playlist on your recommendation and I’ve listened to it loads


Cure drummer Andy Anderson.