Celebrity Deaths 2019


Aaron Ramsey has scored. :open_mouth:


Who did he have?


Tom Selleck
Tom Hanks
Tom Cruise
Tommy Robinson
Tom Brady


Mikey Sheehy
George W bush
Patsy hutch
Micky moran


Can’t nominate forum members


Christy Kinehan
Gerry Hutch
Wayne Dundon
Fatboy Freddie Thompson
Ronan Keating


Mark Killilea former FF MEP has gone to his eternal reward. It was said of Mark that when he attended his first dinner as an MEP he was sat beside a French MEP. As the food was being served the French chap turned to him and said Bon Appetit. To which Mark replied Pleased to meet you Bon, I’m Mark Killilea.


Liam Sheedy
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Brian Cody
Joe Schmidt
Joanne Cantwell.


Pete Davidson
Don King
Buzz Aldrin
Post Malone


Charlie sheen
Martin sheen
Phil Collins
Jordan Peterson (murdered)
Donald trump (in mysterious circumstances, probably murdered)



How twee.


I’ve heard that story about 4/5 different Irish MEPS at this stage.





Terry Bollea
Richard Fleihr
Paul Wight
Vincent McMahon
James Duggan


Does Charlie Sheen not have a pre-existing condition?


You’d think the Head of Protocol at the Department of Foreign Affairs would have told the MEPs what it means by now.


Fair point. I think the rules should allow an unrelated cause of death though?


All wrestlers:

Pat Patterson
Sgt. Slaughter
Harley Race
Superstar Billy Graham
The Iron Sheikh


How dare you, that’s banana.