Celebrity Deaths 2019


I’d say you’re fuming you didn’t pick a few of mine for your wrestler list, Ric Flair is a great one though.


he serious shook lately.


OJ Simpson
Ben Johnson
Billy Crystal
John Goodman
Elton John


“The Juice” is a solid shout


Is he still locked up or is he out?


Half of those fellas are on deaths door ffs


out and about since last March (unless he got locked up again)


Elton John has already been chosen, pal.


Vanessa Redgrave
Englebert Humperdinck
Keith Richards
Bob Dylan


Connery is taken already.




“Mean” Gene Okerlund.



As is Dylan.
Although I did spell it Dillon. May need to be referred to @Locke for arbitration.


If you want him say the word. Arbitration would be exciting though - bragging rights when he drops, seething hatred etc


Nah kid. Let @Locke decide. Technicalities are as valid a reason as any other.


You were changing horses midstream - this is your guy


Christ, he looks like he could bore himself to death any minute.


Don’t think so @glenshane. The only actual Dillon Mike ever heard of was that timber merchant Pa… :roll_eyes:


Whey hey.