Celebrity Deaths 2019


I’ll give it to you Mike. You’re Limerick, I’m half Limerick, you live in KK, I’m from KK, you can’t spell for shit, I can’t spel for shyt…


I’m signing bob dillon up for gym membership, Mail order vitamins and a pioneer badge. He’ll have a great 2019.


I haven’t read all the way back the thread so correct me if I’ve duplicated anyone.

Mick O’Dwyer
Michael Noonan
Donald Sutherland
Keith Richards
Sepp Blatter


Mick Dwyer taken


Keith and Donald taken


Noonan ineligable


Sepp gone


Ladies and gentlemen we have a comedian on our hands. I fell around the floor laughing at that.


Dwyer is ineligible


Right, here’s 5 more.

Jim Carrey
Stephen Fry
King Albert II of Belgium
Frank Langella
Willie John McBride


Everyone please note that Sepp Blatter is still available


Willie John McBride ineligible.


This is getting as bad as coty.


Could you rethink the previous condition rule. As long as they die of a different condition then the death should be recognised…


Thanks for putting forward that reasonable and rational suggestion. But the Gay Byrne rule stands!


If Charlie sheen gets run over by a bus it counts. I decree it.


Decree it all you want, it won’t stand


he’s a very weird chap


Pee Flynn
Liam Brady
Matt Le Tissier
Duchess of Kent


This thread is in very poor taste truth told. Our Lord is truly ashamed.